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What will the issue be that gets you out of your chair?

For some members, it was the underground parking structure at the pier. Others are concerned about excessive vacation rentals and deed restrictions. How about overbuilding in the downtown core.

Are there projects coming to your neighborhood you support or would like more information about?

We Love Pismo Beach

Welcome to our web site and thanks for sharing our concern for the place we call home ~ Pismo Beach.

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The Window
of Transparency #1

Status: Open

Pismo's Open Space &
Land Swap
(0 Price Canyon)

What happens when you're not happy with the property you purchased?

This is the property the applicant currently owns on
Price Canyon Road.


Please come to the City Council Meeting on July 6, at 6:30 p.m. City Hall, Mattie Road.

Click here to see the
Public Hearing Notice

You just get the city to swap it for beautiful canyon
Open Space.

This is the Open Space they are asking the city of Pismo Beach to SWAP it for--really?


Results of NO on Canyon Oaks Petition Drive

Who signed the NO petition . . .


Valid Pismo Residents

"Pismo Heights" Residents


Let us know your thoughts at info@welovepismobeach.org

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No Vacation Rentals in Residential Zones

Should the City immediately stop accepting Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) from illegal vacation rentals in
Pismo Beach? Send Comments

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